Performing classic theatre *live* in the post-nuclear apocalyptic world of Fallout 76

Founded in 2021, The Wasteland Theatre Company is an online community theatre performing classic plays *within* the multiplayer online video game "Fallout 76".

Our innovative plays explore the use of video games as digital performance spaces, and brings gamers together to celebrate the works of Shakespeare, Dickens, Carroll, and more. 

Our actors and crew come from the Fallout 76 gaming community, and range in experience from never-before acting to professional voice actors and seasoned thespians!

We perform our plays *live* on player-built theatres within Fallout 76, which are also live-streamed on Twitch with the help of community streamers.

Our community streamers:
Fallout Five-0
United Wastelanders Network

Want to join us? We are accepting new actors!

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